Reset Printer

If you have some problems with your printer, try with manually reset the printer. 
The trick is as follows:
  1. Disconnect the printer power cable from the electrical connections
  2. Press and hold down the power button with your index finger and then plug the power cable
  3. Still hold the power button, and then by using the middle finger, push the resume button twice.
  4. Remove the power button
  5. Printer is back to normal
  6. In order to permanently please use the Reset Software.

Perform the steps as follows:

  • Run General Tool ( Reset IP 1000, IP 1700/1300, IP 1800, IP1900 ) what printer you have
  • In USB Port select the port your printer.
  • Click the Lock Release
  • Select (check) EEPROM CLEAR
  • Click the Test Pattern 1
  • Finish your IP1900 printer back to normal.
Do it carefully .......


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