tips to repair computer that often hangs

Your computer frequently hangs or shutdown itself? At the time the computer is turned on, when to login, the computer suddenly hangs or can not get into windows or can not login. Or at a certain moment, when it went into windows computer suddenly hangs. Of course this is very annoying. Especially when I'm working on a task. So this will be very disturbing at all. For those of you who experience this sort of thing do not rush brought to service improvement. I try it on the following computer tips, articles times can help resolve the problem on your computer.

  1. First tested whether they could enter in safe mode. If not, just try it directly on the numbers 6, 7, 8.9 below. If I can go in Safe Mode, go to number 2.
  2. Check your hardware is compatible or not with your Windows. This can be seen by right-clicking My Computer> choose manage> system tools on select Device Manager. On the right side window to see whether there was any sign of hardware / devices that are not compatible (usually marked with a question mark (?) Color yellow. If there can be replaced or attempted to install software that is compatible with version of windows.
  3. Scan your computer with antivirus software that updates should be done in safe mode. Computer hang can be caused by a virus.
  4. Scan disk. Right click on the directory that will be scanned for, example C: /. Select properties>> tools> error-checking click on Check Now> check mark on the Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors, and then click Start. This is to detect whether there are bad sectors on your hard disk. Because the computer may hang due to the hard disk that is damaged or there is bad sectornya.
  5. Can be caused by a motherboard that was broken, so do not want to make the process of working on the hardware.
  6. On changing BIOS settings (overclock). Setting back the default condition.
  7. Memory cards are dirty or inappropriate in the slot, could be due to shocks. Then wipe off the memory card memory card with a pencil eraser on the part of the insert in the slot. Clean the memory slots with a soft brush carefully. Then plug it in again.
  8. Check your computer power fan. If the fan does not spin at power, then the computer will heat faster, so the computer will shutdown itself at a certain temperature.
  9. If the computer still can not return to normal, please try to reinstall your windows, certainly with a genuine Windows CD.
  10. If you still can not anymore, finally a last resort, take it to service improvement ...
Hopefully this article helped you.


  1. Your article helped me. Good tips. Thank you for sharing.


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